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The Story of Got Ur Back Foundation Inc (GUB) is now three years old; it is worth pointing out the more notable events over the last couple of years. Many have seen the Foundation as a rehabilitation centre solely for young offenders, that is not correct, some of our clients will have been through the youth justice system, some however will not, they will simply be children on the receiving end of some of the most appalling abuse and neglect that most of us find impossible to imagine.

During the journey to develop Got Ur Back Foundation Inc, it took a dedicated board, with one member work full time on researching systems around the world, talking to elders and communities and other Aboriginal organisations to design the organisation and write a service delivery model to provide the level of care required by children impacted by Trauma. That research and model design took almost 3 years. Members of the board have come and gone, mention must go to Anthony Ah Kit and Eric Fejo, their contribution significant in keeping the vision of the Foundation on track. Mathew Regan, whos ability to redirect, at least most of the time, the angst, frustration and anger and sometimes despair of the fulltime project development person and researcher, who’s sanity could not always be Guaranteed. The Foundation will also like to acknowledge the formidable work of all those involved in the Royal Commission into the Institutional Response to child sexual abuse, and the Northern Territory Royal Commission into Youth Justice and Children in Care.

It was gruelling painful work, as the researcher for GUB I listened most days to the Royal Commission in the Northern Territory, read all volumes of the report, doing so had a profound effect upon myself and the development of GUB.

The Foundation would also like to acknowledge the ongoing and very difficult work being undertaken by Government in the Northern Territory and Federally. It is a wicked problem, Horst Rittel, first used that term to essentially describe a problem about which not everything can be known, other factors impact significantly upon the problem and therefore no one solution can or is ever final.


Got Ur Back Foundation Inc first program is to provide rapid response to children & families in need of Psychological assistance and we will open our first office in smith street around the end of July.

Our second program will roll out at the same time designed to address the trauma caused by being bullied, WE ARE NOT treating bullies, we are helping those who have been subject to bullying rebuild their self-esteem and teach some good strategies on how to deal with bullies while authorities do there stuff on the one doing the bullying. This program will be conducted in small group settings to keep costs low for all, the best you can get no longer just the purview of the well off.

Thirdly, will be our signature program, to establish and operate a Residential Trauma Rehabilitation Centre for Children most impacted by Trauma. We have located a site, but we are keeping that secret for now.

That centre will deliver the most holistic approach to the Treatment of Childhood Trauma ever in Australia. Based upon empirical data and leading research from around the world, modelled on the most successful programs, adapted for Australian culture and conditions. This centre will be the healing, educating, training, employing, normalising lifesaving facility. able to stand proudly among the best in the world. Do our Children deserve less??

Easy to say, hard to do, Got Ur Back Foundation will utilise the Sanctuary© Model of Trauma informed care. Developed by Dr Bloom out of the US it is essentially and operating system for organisations that deliver Trauma Informed Care. The Foundations operations will also be underpinned by Nuerosequential © model of Trauma Informed Care which essentially describes what happens to developing brains of a child when they are subject to repeated Trauma.

First we need to open our crisis response clinic in smith street, “Just In Time” once established it will self-fund with those able to afford to pay subsidising those who cannot, no more waiting months.

So join with us donate today Can only afford $5.00 dollars?? That’s ok, they all help fill the bucket, remember these are Our kids. Maybe your kids we are helping. Pass it around at your work place, share this post among your friends, ask them to do the same… open the door for a child and or family in trouble today, this is not charity this is Community, isn’t that what the NT claims it is ALL About

Donations will go to establishing our office in Smith street, create spaces where healing of families and children can begin

We are a registered Charity and have DGR status – Donations are tax deductable

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