Is This What It Means to be Christian?

 After 30 plus years as a humble community worker I cannot yet understand why we choose to walk past the tragedy wrought by intergenerational trauma, but we will fund a rich man to help him fight a legal dispute about a job.

The Announcement today that GoFundMe closed Israel Folau’s GoFundMe page has left me feeling confused. We should respect his right to express his religious beliefs, Australia is a democratic society I feel I must defend his right to hold those beliefs and to practice his faith. I do not understand why people would donate to fight a contract dispute?

Moreover, today I am struggling, not with anger, but with outrage, that so many people think Israel’s right seek legal intervention in a contract dispute is a greater more deserving cause than a child’s right to life free from Trauma, free from exposure to daily violence, alcohol, sexual abuse and neglect.

How quickly people seem to have forgotten a little two-year-old girl raped in Central Australia.

In 14 days, we managed to raise $400.00. Does this mean that the rights of one of Australia’s truly great sportsmen, who, rightly enjoys financial success for his hard work, is somehow worth more than a young child’s right to live free without fear of neglect, violence, rape, and abuse?

Got Ur Back Foundation Inc has been financed to date by members of the board from their own pockets. The Foundation has worked with a team of experts to develop a program to heal young people affected by the devasting effects of intergenerational trauma.

The ever-increasing number of 10-year-old children hanging themselves because they see no hope, the suicide rate within the 8 to 25 age group has spiralled, with a 100% increase every decade since 1980.

What we will deliver

The Trauma Informed Sanctuary and Neurosequential models of service delivery underpin the GUB model of service delivery. The model which currently achieves an average of 75% to 85% reduction in children entering the Justice system and/or reoffending around the world.

Elders in residence will teach culture, law, customs, respect, connection to country and family. What their responsibility is to themselves, their families, culture and law.

Psychologists will work to undo the years of Trauma caused by neglect, violence and abuse.

Circles of support established while in rehabilitation will continue to provide support upon graduation and into the future.

Despite the Foundations best efforts, we have been unable to secure funding to purchase the Foundations preferred site Mt Bundy Station in the Northern Territory.

Why Got Ur Back?

Got Ur Back Foundation Inc has been designed from the ground up to address the core reasons children offend, based upon 3 years of research empirical evidence and programs from around the world, adapted for Australian conditions. We started long before the Royal Commission, it’s tough confronting work based upon what works.

We are a registered Charity and have DGR status – Donations are tax deductable

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