It’s hard being a kid these days and it’s also hard being a parent.

If you’re reading this flyer now, chances are your child is contending with issues and you’re determined to get them, and yourself, the assistance needed to get through. Our public health system is grossly understaffed and the private system isn’t much better. That said though, we understand that it’s not good enough to wait months and months to get the help you need. Enter the Got Ur Back Just in Time Program. This is a one-on-one counselling program for kids 8-16 years of age and their parents

Facilitated by our highly experienced and dedicated Counsellors, our team are trained in all elements of child and adult counselling, including trauma. We are also qualified to provide you the parent with the support and direction you need to develop coping mechanisms that will help you to help your child. Your child will have one-on-one therapy with their Counsellor and at the same time, you will also meet with a Counsellor qualified to assist you as well. You don’t have to wait months and months to get the help you need, because we’ve got ur back!  

Counselling for Kids & Their Parents

  • One-on-One Child Counselling
    Especially for children aged 8-16 years, through one-on-one counselling, your child can talk about issues they may struggle talking about. Tailored to meeting your child wherever they are at right now, our one-on-one counselling will equip your child with the coping skills required for them to deal with the ups and down life throws at them.


  • One-on-One Parent Counselling
    Being a kid has changed a lot since we were kids, as has parenting. Through our one-on-one parent counselling, we’ll work with you to help you develop strategies and approaches to help you and your child, thrive!