Darwin-Based NGO’s Bid to Buy Mt Bundy Station – by Rallying the Community!

Located just a short distance south of Adelaide River, Mt Bundy Station has long been a favourite place to visit for Territorians and tourists alike.  The property, which has been on the market since 2012, has also sparked the imagination of one Darwin-based NGO dedicated to making a positive difference in the area of youth diversion and ultimately, the wider Territory community.

Enter Christopher Turner and his team at Got Ur Back – a youth rehabilitation program which has been especially designed for Children aged 8-18 years of age.  Targeting the core of youth dysfunction, one of the organisation’s Founders and Chief Operating Officer, Mr Turner, has worked with a team of experts to develop a program to heal young people affected by the devasting effects of intergenerational trauma.

The ever-increasing number of 10-year-old children hanging themselves because they see no hope, the suicide rate within the 8 to 25 age group has spiralled, with a 100% increase every decade since 1980. Many people claim young Aboriginal people have no respect; I would ask why would they? Where is their chance to be aspirational? When they are surrounded by alcohol, drugs, violence and dysfunction caused by Intergenerational Trauma.

So, here’s the rundown.

Shortly the Foundation will announce a conference date, attendance will be by invitation only, we are only interested in people who want to be part of a real solution, those invitees will be presented with several funding solutions. It is anticipated that from that presentation a consortium will form. There has been significant interest to date. However, recent media has required us to bring the public announcement forward.

Possible solutions will be presented;

  1. Consortium forms the funding group and financing the purchase and start up as a standard credit contract, with an agreed repayment schedule including interest rate, with the property being held as security
  2. As the Foundation is a registered charity, conforms as a public benevolent institution and is registered with DGR status, purchasing the property and start up could be donated from a philanthropic position, enjoying the tax benefits.

As with ALL the Foundations programs we are not seeking funding from Government. We have spoken to both levels of Government over the least three years, and while they are supportive of the model of delivery there are no funds available for infrastructure.

What we will deliver

The Trauma Informed Sanctuary and Neurosequential models of service delivery underpin the GUB model of service delivery. The model which currently achieves an average of 75% to 85% reduction in children entering the Justice system and/or reoffending around the world.

The Foundations model is supported by the following

  1. Trauma informed care
  2. Elders in Residence
  3. Aboriginal Advisory Board
  4. Circle of Support for child participants
  5. Circle of Support for families if appropriate
  6. Community engagement & ownership
  7. Community service
  8. Victim Conferencing
  9. Education & training
  10. After care support

Once established, the Centre will not require ongoing grants to deliver services. The trauma center will be delivered on a fee for service basis at the standard rate Territory Families currently pays providers for out of home care. The model of care is wholistic, from the time they enter the center until they are standing on their own feet fully participating in their spiritual, community and family lives. The Foundation support extends well beyond the graduation gate.

Elders in residence will teach culture, law, customs, respect, connection to country and family. What their responsibility is to themselves, their families, culture and law.

Psychologists will work to undo the years of Trauma caused by neglect and abuse.

Circles of support established while in rehabilitation will continue to provide support upon graduation and into the future.

Despite the Foundations best efforts, we have been unable to secure funding to purchase the Foundations preferred site Mt Bundy Station in the Northern Territory.

Join with us donate today Can only afford a few dollars?? That’s ok, they all help fill the bucket, remember these children did not chose to be born into a life where alcohol, drugs and violence are a part of everyday life. Pass it around at your workplace, share this story among your friends, ask them to do the same this is Community taking back its power

Why Got Ur Back?
Got Ur Back Foundation Inc has been designed from the ground up to address the core reasons children offend, based upon 3 years of research empirical evidence and programs from around the world, adapted for Australian conditions. We started long before the Royal Commission, it’s tough confronting work based upon what works.

We are a registered Charity and have DGR status – Donations are tax deductable

Please contact us to register your interest in attending
Website:  www.goturback.org

Mobile 0475609420

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